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Streamline Your Production Process Through Outsourcing

Outsourcing the manufacturing of your subassemblies may seem like an expensive choice to streamline production. Still, it’s one of the easiest and cost-efficient strategies to up your game. Streamlining, regardless of the methods chosen, almost always involves an upfront financial investment of some sort. But, in all likelihood, it will be an investment that will pay off later. Having a reputation for working more efficiently, after all, can give you a much stronger edge against your competitors. Faster completion of production runs and an improved reputation for on-time delivery very well may lead to bigger and more profitable customers.

In fact, many manufacturers find outsourcing to be both an economical and viable solution. While some manufacturers will choose to struggle with their subassemblies’ production, others consider outsourcing to be their go-to strategy for maintaining their edge over the competition.


What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the practice of hiring a third party or separate company to assist with the engineering, designing, and building of a subassembly on your behalf, freeing up your internal resources and staff to work on aspects of a project for which they may be better skilled or equipped.

Would an outsourcing arrangement work for you? The answer to that question is YES if you have ever experienced an overage in labor costs or a delay in production due to the in-house manufacturing of subassemblies. However, every situation is unique, and the information below will help you learn more about when and whether outsourcing is the right choice.


Here’s What We Have Found Through the Years

Many manufacturers find it burdensome, even bothersome, to manufacture subassemblies in-house. Subassembly production often leads to their getting bogged down in menial activities and details they’d otherwise like to avoid.

For example, subassembly production often means dealing with multiple suppliers to find the correct parts and materials. Aside from it being another logistical headache, the difficulty in procuring parts means there’s a chance you’ll fall behind while you wait on deliveries. Something as small as a subassembly manufacturing delay can cascade into a much larger problem that could go so far as to derail the scheduling and planning for the overall project.

Outsourcing removes that worry. Once your subassembly project’s details are communicated to your outsource partner, your partner will complete the entire subassembly. They will handle the parts procurement as well, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture and remain confident that the finished subassembly will be completed on or ahead of schedule.
When outsourcing, you have one point of contact — your outsource partner. You will no longer have to juggle multiple contacts and engage in countless follow-ups to ensure parts and materials arrive on time.