Modern food and beverage facilities have complex needs when it comes to electrical systems. For instance, these facilities require the following to maintain controlled environments for proper processing and storage:

  • Power distribution systems
  • Refrigeration storage
  • Programmable logic controls (PLCs), monitoring sensors, and other automation and control systems to maintain temperature, airflow, and pressure
  • Industrial ovens
  • LED lighting fixtures
  • Cleaning and sanitation equipment, such as chemical dispensers and washdown units
  • Fire detection and other safety systems

Each of these systems is powered by specialized electrical solutions that must be handled by skilled professionals. Having the right electrical systems in place maximizes productivity and safety in food processing facilities.

MarVac Assemblies specializes in delivering custom electrical solutions to address the specific challenges of the food and beverage industry. Learn more about our expertise, capabilities, the common applications we serve, and the benefits of working with us for your electrical needs.


MarVac Assemblies’ Expertise in Food & Beverage

At MarVac Assemblies, we have nearly 75 years of experience providing high-quality electrical systems specially designed for food and beverage applications. We understand the unique applications of this industry, from beverage dispensing and baking equipment to beverage cooling and display applications. Typical products we supply have high chemical and temperature resistance.

We adhere to the strict industry standards for food and beverage facilities, maintaining compliance with all relevant quality control requirements. Our processes and solutions are:

  • UL-recognized
  • ESD safe
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • WHMA/IPC A620 certified
  • RoHS compliant
  • Hi pot and continuity tested

Our solutions also undergo thorough in-process and final inspection.


MarVac’s Electrical Services in the Food & Beverage Industry

The following are our primary food and beverage industry electrical services.


Electrical Manufacturing

Our electrical manufacturing solutions include:

  • Custom Wire Harness & Cable Assembly: Food and beverage equipment and controls require reliable wiring and cable assemblies, with custom options available from MarVac. The right wire harnesses and assemblies protect against vibration and abrasions while keeping individuals safe from electric shock and allowing for efficient cable and wire routing.
  • Box Builds: MarVac can design and manufacture various types of enclosures and control panels based on our customers’ needs, producing sub-assemblies and full box builds for fuse box wiring and terminal blocks.
  • Mechanical & Sub Assembly: In addition to electrical components, we can provide mechanical sub-assemblies, including wire wound resistors, solenoids, circuit protection materials, and cooling fans.
  • Custom Wire Processing: We offer a number of custom wire processing services, such as cutting, twisting, marking, crimping, stripping, and terminating ends.
  • Value-Added Services: We also offer value-added electronic component assembly and soldering services to complete each solution, so that you have one source for all your assembly and manufacturing needs. Our sonic weld and mechanical soldering services facilitate lean production practices.


Programming & Integration

To help design each electrical solution for our customers, our in-house programming team can customize specific programs for various industrial control software, including PLCs. In the process, we provide system integration and data management services with HMI system packages to enable increased operational efficiency.


Inventory Management

We partner with our customers to put together unique inventory management systems, with solutions that can easily track and replenish inventory as needed. Our inventory management systems include bin replenishment, Kanban and pull systems, consignment inventory, market rate on demand (MRD), and just-in-time delivery.


Applications in Food & Beverage Production

Our electrical solutions work across a range of food and beverage applications, such as:

  • Production Lines: Control panels and wiring harnesses for mixers, conveyors, and other production equipment
  • Packaging Lines: Control systems for palletizing, filling, and labeling equipment
  • Environmental Controls: Electrical parts for ovens, refrigeration units, and freezers
  • Safety Systems: Control panels for monitoring systems, emergency shut-off systems, and fire safety systems
  • Other Applications: Beverage dispensers, ice machines, commercial refrigerators and freezers, blenders, popcorn makers, fryers, and ovens


Benefits of Choosing MarVac Assemblies

With our food and beverage industry electrical services, you get the following key benefits:

  • Optimized efficiency and productivity
  • Improved worker and equipment safety
  • Minimized maintenance expenses and downtime
  • Integrated systems that allow for streamlined operation
  • Compliance with all relevant codes
  • UL-recognized services from experts in the food and beverage space


Food & Beverage Industry Electrical Services from MarVac Assemblies

If you require electrical services for your food and beverage facility, MarVac Assemblies is ready to help. Contact us today for more information about our offerings, or request a quote to get started on a custom solution.