“Non-automotive transportation” encompasses a wide range of vehicles and equipment used across various industries. Distinct from conventional passenger vehicles, non-automotive transportation includes everything from fire trucks and ambulances to heavy-duty construction vehicles, material handling equipment, and more.

At MarVac Assemblies, we provide innovative electrical solutions designed specifically for non-automotive transportation applications, including commercial and off-road vehicles.


Defining Commercial Vehicles and Non-Automotive Vehicles

Non-automotive transportation covers a variety of vehicles that aren’t within the category of traditional automobiles. This includes several commercial and off-road vehicles that play a critical role in industries such as waste management, construction, agriculture, and emergency services.

To meet the needs of these sectors, MarVac Assemblies provides custom electronic safety solutions designed to hold up in tough commercial and off-road environments.


Who Uses Commercial Vehicle Electronic Safety Products?

At MarVac Assemblies, we support numerous non-automotive transportation applications with innovative, high-quality electronic solutions. Our products can be used in:

  • Snow plow equipment
  • Fire trucks
  • Heavy-duty construction equipment
  • Timber and forest equipment
  • Garbage trucks
  • Ambulances and other emergency vehicles
  • Access lift equipment
  • Cranes
  • Material handling equipment

Our experts work to meet the individual needs of each application, ensuring consistently great results with every solution.


Commercial Vehicle Electronic Safety Solutions

MarVac Assemblies offers a range of electrical solutions developed to ensure the safe operation of non-automotive transportation vehicles and equipment. Our products and capabilities include:

Our professionals specifically design and develop each solution to meet the unique needs of the non-automotive transportation industry. We perform PPAP operations on every part to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and quality.


Commercial Vehicle Electronic Safety Services

In addition to our standard offerings, MarVac Assemblies provides a range of custom services. With our system integration capabilities, we can integrate complex systems into commercial and off-road vehicles and equipment.

We also offer dependable support and expertise to clients in need of embedded human-machine interface (HMI) software and hardware, developing custom systems that meet even the strictest requirements.


Commercial Vehicle Electronic Safety Products from MarVac Assemblies

Vehicles in the non-automotive transportation industry have special requirements that go beyond the needs of conventional automotive vehicles and equipment. To support this industry, we offer a wide range of electrical solutions tailored to the unique needs of demanding commercial and off-road applications.

Whether you require specialized automotive wire harness and cable assemblies, box builds, soldering, wire processing, or otherwise, we have the expertise to deliver the ideal solution.

To learn more about our commercial vehicle electronic safety products and other non-automotive transportation solutions, request information or contact us today.